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Dear Prospective Patient;

If you become my patient, I will sincerely try to relieve your pain completely in 5 or less visits. Over 30 years ago, I have learned from my experience what techniques work best on certain conditions. I have fine-tuned my skills for optimal results in the shortest possible time. This should translate into fewer treatment visits to relieve you of your pain. Also, your treatment will start on your first visit. You will not be asked to sign any short or long term contracts, as some chiropractors require you to do.

I will usually know by the third visit if your condition will respond to chiropractic treatment. If I suspect it will not, you will immediately be referred to the appropriate Specialist. My specialty is working with extremity pain, such as shoulder, elbow and knee pain. Often times, pain in these joints can occur from misalignment of the joint itself. I have also worked extensively with athletes suffering from sports injuries.

I have very reasonable fees. In fact, my cash fee for an adjustment is still $38. I can keep my fees low because my overhead is low. My office is attractive, but not extravagant.

I also offer interferential therapy to help relieve pain, decrease swelling and relax muscle spasms. Decompression traction therapy (DTS) is available, which is similar to the Vax-D, but available at a fraction of the cost. DTS can help with cervical and lumbar disc problems as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. All therapy is optional.

Finally, I am a preferred provider with almost every local and national insurance company in this area. This will allow you to get the optimal benefit from your insurance plan.

To make an appointment, call my assistants; Daronda or Denise at (865) 675-7070.  Both assistants are very knowledgeable with insurance and related matters. I hope you will consider my center as an answer to your chiropractic needs.

Respectfully yours,

Jeffrey P. Ingleby, D.C.

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